Getting uncomfortable

Hey readers!  My first ever blog post is here, so probably worth me introducing myself and explaining what I’m going to be writing about so you can decide if you want to read on or ignore my ramblings!

I’m Lizzie, 30, currently living in Norfolk, UK with my husband, 3 delightful (most of the time!) children and puppy.  I grew up in the North West of England but my career in retail brought me here a few years ago.

I recently left that career path in order to forge my own with my very own business!  To say this is a big deal would be an understatement.  I worked hard to build my career to the point I got it to.  So why did I leave?

To be honest, I got tired of the rat race.  I got tired of working with people who didn’t care about anything other than their own career advancement.  I got tired of being one of the few who actually cared about me team and took the time to develop them as well as myself.  I got tired of 70 hour weeks that would see me leave the house before my children were awake and get back in just after they’d gone to sleep.  I was living to work, not working to live.

So I’ve chosen a different path.  A path many of those close to me haven’t entirely approved of…”I mean where’s the security, the pension, the ability to get a mortgage?!?!?!”.  “What’s wrong with playing it safe?!” they cry!  Well, I believe I can do more and be more.  I started my business whilst still working my full time job and got a taste of how successful I could make it.  I invited some friends along for the ride.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

I got UNcomfortable, and it’s forced me to change and grow more than anything else that’s ever happened to me (and there’s been a lot – but those are more stories for another day).

I plan to document the highs and lows in this blog.  Celebrate success with you and cry into the odd glass of wine as well.  What I’m doing isn’t easy, but it is SIMPLE.  And I wake up every day excited to see what’s next…


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