Call to action? What to do if your team halt production.

Any seasoned network marketers will know this scenario well.  You sign up a new team member, and they’re absolutely fired up.  They get the business, they’ve got the vision, and they know what to do.  This. Is. It. you think.  This is a serious person who’s going to get into action.  You’re excited.  And then…….nothing.  Sound familiar?

It’s always difficult to know what to do in this scenario, I think.  You want to help, but at the same time you don’t want to waste valuable time coaching if they’re just not committed anymore.  For me, I want to avoid coming across as pushy and pestering as well.

I read a brilliant take on this today, so wanted to share it with you.  I’m afraid I don’t know who to credit with it, so if anyone knows the source let me know and I can update it as it’s the best analogy and advice I’ve seen!

“I was a water safety instructor several years ago. We would row people out to the middle of a lake and capsize the boat to train them on water rescues.

As the rescuer, you come upon the person ‘drowning’ in the middle of the lake. The first thing you do is keep a short distance. Don’t get too close, or you can become attached to them. If they panic, they can pull you under. Same with our businesses. If you get too closely attached, you’ll spend so much time with them, your business will suffer.

As you tread water in a circle around them (it’s important to keep moving so they remain focused on you and your activity), ask them: “Are you in trouble?”. If the answer is no, you swim away. So, in this business, if they don’t need or want your help…swim away!

If they say yes they are in trouble, you ask the second question: “Do you need my help?”. If the answer is no, swim away. Same with this business. If someone can’t recognize they need your help…swim away!

If they say yes, they do need your help, question three is this: “Are you willing to do what I tell you to do?” If the answer is no…well, you know…swim away. If you don’t, you will drown with them. If the answer is yes, then you can proceed with the rescue!

If your downline says they are in trouble, need your help and will do what you say, you have a team member who can be rescued. If the answer is “no” to any of those questions, you run the risk of drowning with them (or at the very least, wasting a lot of time treading water and swimming circles with them). I use this to determine who I’m willing to let hang onto me while I swim with them, and who I need to let go and swim away from for my own sanity and the safety of my business. Don’t let anyone drown you! Ask the questions, figure out who to work with and swim with those who want your help!

Next time you have a team member doing nothing, visualize them in the middle of the lake and ask those questions. Maybe you’re treading water with someone who doesn’t want to be saved and leaving someone alone who is willing to say yes to all these questions and do what you tell them! Just a little something to think about.”

That’s awesome, right?!  Hope it helps 🙂

Big love, Lx

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